The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal

December 2015

With Christmas almost upon us, Valmec is supporting the local community through the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

The Salvation Army has been fighting poverty and social distress in Australia since 1880. Many people in our community face hardship such as hunger, homelessness, family violence, social isolation, addiction and unemployment. The Salvation Army helps more than one million Australians every year through their wide range of community services and are committed to assisting all people in need without regard to nationality, race, belief, sexuality, ability, or judgement of behaviour. Behind the immediate problem is often a more serious need that requires their help in working with people both short-term and long-term to provide hope for a bright future.

To support The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal, staff were invited to donate to a Christmas Toy Box by purchasing gift and placing it the box unwrapped so it would allow families to choose the perfect gift for their loved ones.

We would like to thank our kind staff for their efforts, who in donating so generously have provided the Salvation Army with a Christmas Toy Box that is overflowing with gifts.

For those wishing to donate to the Christmas Appeal, or to the Salvation Army in general, please visit the Salvation Army here.

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